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Exploring faith

What is the Gospel?
The gospel is simply good news, and it's the most important message for every person to hear and respond to.

We would love to explain this amazing gospel to you but if you'd rather, here are some links to help you hear and understand. If you would like to connect with us then please do click the connect button!

Going Farther

Or you might like to listen to some real-life stories of people who've found faith in Jesus.

Real-life stories
What is the Bible?

Here at Frontline City Church, we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is key to growing your relationship with Jesus.

We know that reading the Bible for the first time may seem daunting so we'd love to help you out! Why not check out the Bible app or connect with us through our connect button!

Let's Connect

Here are some ways you can contact us

In Person

We’re happy to meet with people in person or by phone.  Just send us a message or phone to arrange this. We would love to pray with you.


Send us an email or chat with us on this website.

Over the Phone

We’re happy to chat to you or pray with you by phone.  

Give us a call on 07877 328990

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