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Locally, people in our church are involved in SU in school and chaplaincy with various organisations.  We look for opportunities to help our city. 


We are actively involved in mission work in Ukraine, as well as helping some people from Romania.


Ben & Peter Ukraine.jpeg

Ukrainian missionaries, Ben and Angela Thorpe have been doing a great job with helping refugees get to this country and supporting people in Ukraine. 


They are involved with churches on the ground in Ukraine who are involved in evacuating refugees from the war zone. They help people who have escaped from frontline areas find food and housing before they continue westward. 



Many people have left with a bag of belongings and a pet if they have one. Most have no home to return as they have been destroyed by the Russian army. The church helps people with food, clothing, pots and pans and for some who need it, financial assistance.

Romania (gypsies)


Updates coming soon...

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Here are some ways you can contact us

In Person

We’re happy to meet with people in person or by phone.  Just send us a message or phone to arrange this. We would love to pray with you.


Send us an email or chat with us on this website.

Over the Phone

We’re happy to chat to you or pray with you by phone.  

Give us a call on 07877 328990

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